Using TAGS on Linkedin or in any Business Social Networking

Yesterday I was reading a question and their corresponding answers on LinkedIn and I find that the man who is asking and two of the answerers are saying something very interesting that I guess it would be useful for me in the future. Also, this kind of question and answers let me think about it would be interesting to take notes of people names just in case I want to make contact with them or they contact me somewhere in the future or I just should want to read their answers or questions.

What if we can find a way to tag people the way we want so we can make a difference between all the other people and these “mark as interesting” ones? What if we can say “this is an interesting people I would need to contact to do something” or “this is someone I would want to find when I search on some specific issue he proved to be expert” or just “this is a disgusting man I won’t never contact or be interested in being contact by”?

Why we cannot apply the same tagging idea that we apply on our everyday bookmarks or favorites URLs into our social networking environment?

I will for sure think and write some pros and cons on using tags into linkedin or any other business Social Networking website



4 Responses to Using TAGS on Linkedin or in any Business Social Networking

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