Share TAGS into business Social Networking (Linkedin sample)

After my last posts about tags and its advantages, I added some links to my that let me see some pictures of how tags can be applied in business social networking.

What did I see? When you see your links, you can get information about how many other users have recorded the same link


So, what did I see? Imagine tagging people while surfing on any business social networking site. Imagine using those tags to search, but not your tags only but tags from any user on your network, or in the entire business social network website.

By sharing tags you can see and search over profiles not only from the information users tell about themselves but also from the information other users add about others. That way, when someone adds a tag to somebody, he/she is sharing this information with a lot of people and in the same way he is also seeing what other people had made before.

Imagine if any profile can look like the following image. As you see in the right side there is a Tag box with tagging information from you, your connections and the connections of the people you are looking at.



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