Linkedin v Facebook v Ecademy: the generation divide?

July 12, 2007

In my second day in this blog I think I could start talking about some things I want to, but I found yesterday two other blog posts of people I usually read that make me change my idea of what I was going to write.

I will figure out my two cents about “Linkedin v Facebook: the generation divide” in the Simon Blog, he talked about how linkedin and Facebook will be fighting for being the leader in the social networking business.

First of all, he mention Ecademy at the end of his post. I think Ecademy is one of the best business social networking on the internet but their main problem they are suffering is:

  • Really bad web interface that don’t invite users to use it: Interfaces are not the most important point in a website, but I think is something really important because this is what we see with our eyes , and is an image of what we are doing in that precise moment. Ecademy has really bad interfaces that make me think about “why I don’t look in any other place for a more usable business SN website”.
  • Lack of marketing or activities that take people into their site: I’ve been using Linkedin since a year ago and I just hear about some month ago when I started reading “The Virtual Handshake”. After that I tried to start using Ecademy but I was never attracted to it and I came back entirely to Linkedin.

As Simon said, people in their thirties use Linkedin while people in their twenties are using Facebook and is obvious that people grow so “twentiers” will become “thirtiers”, but I don’t know if that is the point. I mean, if facebook want to cover business social networking then will have to think ideas for the people in their thirties and not in the people that will become thirties soon because, Linkedin is already working , and Facebook must try to win there, in a working plattform, so if they want to beat Linkedin they must try to think things for the people that is using nowadays Linkedin.

The same way, Linkedin must try to do something to attract new people and particularly, more Facebook users. One way is to build a widget for facebook, other way is to open its API and let people do their own personalized Linkedins. Linkedin has an advantage and is that their business platform is already running so new people will go by themselves, and existing people have their valuable profile. Instead, Facebook will not only build an interesting business network but also to atract Linkedin connections and business to its page.

I think the best thing for users will be that both Linkedin and Facebook think about us and think how they can work together with plugins, widgets, or whatever they can build so we can have Linkedin into Facebook if we want and also Facebook into linkedin.