Linkedin Groups upgraded?

I started today reading a post about new features at Linkedin groups on the Vincent Wright’s great blog “Linkedin Business Discussion Index”.


Some hours later, I saw that the official Linkedin Blog also wrote something about Linkedin Groups new features: “What’s new in LinkedIn Groups? Learn more”.


So, when I had time, I enter into and look at the new features on Linkedin Groups…


I hate to say but I’m a little dissapointed about all new features… I mean, sometime ago I wrote a post about a new Linkedin Groups version and I was expecting a really new and quite evolved new version of Linkedin Groups but to be a really bad man (maybe reallistic) what I see is just:

  • a new form to add dinamically new groups.
  • a “See all my groups” link on the lower, right side of your home page.
  • a better group management interface.


I mean, this is not bad at all, because always (and twice always) new features are welcome, but … this is the new version I mentioned sometime ago? or this is just an upgrade before a big launch of a new Linkedin Groups version?


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