Imagine: Making the Most on Your LinkedIn Profile

August 1, 2007

Scott Allen wrote in his blog a post about some changes LinkedIn made about websites on LinkedIn profiles. He explained there with lot of details about this feature and how this feature can improve the look of our profile.

That post, make me remember that some time ago, while I was having a chat with one of my connections I asked him something like: “what if we can make links and put some pictures or just edit HTML into our LinkedIn profile?”

Can you imagine it? I guess that little change on our “edit profile” function can elevate our own profile quite a lot. Why? Because we will be writing on our profile just what we want. We would be putting images, links, links to brochures or projects in which you worked, editing text and marking as bold some text, putting titles or just whatever we want. So, we wil be having a chance to put on linkedin profile our business profile, and a cleaner way to sell, offer or express what we really want to.


I think… that will be “Making the most of your LinkedIn profile” 🙂