Book Review: I’m on LinkedIn Now what???

Jason Alba’s, founder of successful, new book “I’m on Linkedin, now what?” is very close to be released (on next monday: September 24th). Today I received a mail from him and I remembered I did write nothing about this book yet.

As Darlene McDaniel also said: “I am privileged to be one of at least 100 people that had an opportunity to get a pre-press soft copy of the book to review!”. Well, so my review on this excelent book will be different … I will collect some ideas written by other people that looks perfect for me 🙂

Mike Schaffner in his blog wrote:

“I like Jason’s book for a number of reasons. Jason gives a refreshingly honest and balanced review of LinkedIn. He’ll tell you what is good about LinkedIn and what is not so good; how to use it and how it shouldn’t be used. Basically he not only tells you about what it is but also what it isn’t. He makes suggestions and supports them by telling you why he makes a particular recommendation. I really appreciate that kind of information.”

Phil Gerbyshak mentioned:

“‘I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???’ provides a useful guide for all those looking to better utilize the power of LinkedIn”

Megan Fitzgerald at her blog said:

“I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? is a user-friendly guide to using one of the most powerful networking tools out there. In his down-to-earth, well-informed style, Jason Alba does a fantastic job of clarifying what LinkedIn really is — and what it isn’t. He takes you through all of the features and shows you how to make choices about how to make the tool work for you.”

And the always important words of Vincent Wright, My Linkedin Power Forum’s owner:

“If this book were available the first year LinkedIin started, it would have helped LinkedIn to be better understood and would have helped thousands of professionals get the most out of LinkedIin.”

As a final word, I guess Jason Alba’s own words are perfect:

“By the time you finish this book you should have a solid understanding of what LinkedIn is, how to use it and why things on LinkedIn work the way they do”

And yes, he did it!!!. When you finish reading this book (I did) you achieved all that…

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