MMLGF 9: Linkedin Groups Privacy and Visibility

October 30, 2007

In this long series of post about Linkedin Groups I’ve been writing in the last two or three months I talked about some interesting things like new features linkedin groups should add, exporting information, accessing linkedin groups from your home page and more and more… Although I talked too much, I haven’t said a word about Linkedin groups visibility and privacy.


Linkedin groups are on these days semi-public. why? Because you have to invited or ask for being added to any group if you want to be part of it. Maybe you find a group by word of mouth, by doing a search or by any way you want but…


… But what if we don’t want to own a semi-public group? What if we want or need some group to be really open or really private so nobody see it?


I thought three different kind of groups’ privacy will be just perfect for users.

  • Public Groups: There are some groups just open to anyone, without the need to register. It looks like current Linkedin Answers where everybody can ask and answer.
  • Semi public Groups: These groups will only let members participate in the groups where non-members must ask for subscription. This is the way Linkedin groups are being created these days that let users create groups for specific regions or businesses.
  • Private Groups: That kind of group let companies and people start their own groups without appearing in any Linkedin groups’ directory. That option would let businessmen do/prepare and invite people to meetings online as well as be informed from many different sources or communicate with partners or clients in a silent way.


As Private groups are not listed and you just can be member of by invitation , maybe this kind of groups should not be free but let Linkedin or any business social network implementing this decide…


This is post #9 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series. Ideas for free 😉


Linkedin Groups upgraded?

September 21, 2007

I started today reading a post about new features at Linkedin groups on the Vincent Wright’s great blog “Linkedin Business Discussion Index”.


Some hours later, I saw that the official Linkedin Blog also wrote something about Linkedin Groups new features: “What’s new in LinkedIn Groups? Learn more”.


So, when I had time, I enter into and look at the new features on Linkedin Groups…


I hate to say but I’m a little dissapointed about all new features… I mean, sometime ago I wrote a post about a new Linkedin Groups version and I was expecting a really new and quite evolved new version of Linkedin Groups but to be a really bad man (maybe reallistic) what I see is just:

  • a new form to add dinamically new groups.
  • a “See all my groups” link on the lower, right side of your home page.
  • a better group management interface.


I mean, this is not bad at all, because always (and twice always) new features are welcome, but … this is the new version I mentioned sometime ago? or this is just an upgrade before a big launch of a new Linkedin Groups version?

MMLGF 8: Exporting your LinkedIn groups activity (Blogging?)

September 21, 2007

Everybody knows that LinkedIn provide us with some tools and also with a website where we can do direct marketing about ourselves and our needs, and also find people (doing marketing about themselves) that can be future clients, partners or providers.


In previous posts on this long series, I’d been writing ideas like:

Implementation of those ideas would add great value and would let you do direct marketing easily. But, what other thing would add more value to you and your direct marketing task? The answer is exporting as RSS Feed, Web Services, etc all your LinkedIn (groups) activity.


Exporting your LinkedIn groups’ activity (for example your questions, your answers, some specific search or just whatever you can imagine) would be definitely great.


Why this is great? Because you will have the chance to show what you do, what you think, what you are looking at, what you are looking for and what you ……. (Complete with the verb you want).

So what? You would use all that staff not only inside LinkedIn but also outside of it.

What are the benefits for users?

  • If you export what you ask, then you can put those questions anywhere and, first, bring traffic and readers to LinkedIn. Second, promote your question anywhere probably getting more answers and, third, be aware of how important your questions are, how much readers your questions have by using some RSS Feed tools like
  • If you export your answers then in some way these spread answers you do can be taken as a group and share all together like if you were writing a blog. So, your answers are your blog… 🙂
  • If you export some specific search, then you are building a feed with some kind of “what I’m reading”.
  • If you export what you ……. (Completed before with the verb you wanted) then you can do what you want (do business, implement your website with “best answers”, etc.)


This is post #8 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.

MMLGF 7: LinkedIn Groups activity included on Linkedin Search

September 20, 2007

In previous posts on this MMLGF Series I talked about using the information you and your LinkedIn groups produce by adding it to your public profile. That way you can do marketing about yourself (or maybe about your company services as well, or even your objectives whatever those would be) even better than now.


This issue is very important because you can show yourself better and actively but I guess there is somewhere your LinkedIn groups’ activity should be included: LinkedIn Search.


How your LinkedIn groups’ activity can be used in Search? I imagine lot of ways but I guess there are some places where/when that feature should be included:

  • You answer a question and your answer was classified as a good one, then some related words (maybe using some keywords included in the question) can be added to your keywords so you can be found when someone looks for that precise keyword.
  • Like LinkedIn Recommendations we can think about having some “expertise” from your activity / number of answers / questions so you can make a gift to someone that you know or consider he/she has great expertise. It’s like a recommendation that impact directly into your chance to be found when someone makes a search.


For sure those ideas would bring more participation and traffic to LinkedIn because what you do is used by LinkedIn for you directly and indirectly. With directly, I mean what you do will let you do direct marketing about your needs and I consider indirect usage when LinkedIn takes some keywords on your good answers on a topic at a LinkedIn Group and add these as a way to find you.


This is post #7 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.

MMLGF 6: Making Connections with LinkedIn Groups members

September 13, 2007

One of the most important features at LinkedIn is to establish direct connections with other people that let you:

  • Do business with them
  • Consume/provide services from/to them
  • Grow your network for future business
  • Grow your network so your chance to be found and find the right people grows too.


With LinkedIn groups your chance to find someone you want to connect with grows drastically. At LinkedIn Groups you are making direct contact with lot of people you’d like to meet like ones that:

  • Offers some services you also offer
  • Consume some services you offer
  • A possible client
  • A possible partner
  • Entrepreneur in your industry
  • Innovators in your industry


Add Connection - GroupIn the process of writing this series of posts, LinkedIn added a feature that is perfect for this topic… When you add someone to your network at LinkedIn, you always must say how you meet the guy you are inviting (Colleague at work, university), friend, family and a new one: LinkedIn groups.


These new choice let you add a user to your network without knowing user’s email address by just saying you want to add a user because you have met him/her at a LinkedIn Groups. This way, you can make direct contact with some business related people that you meet in a group quite more easily than before.


This is post #6 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.

MMLGF 5: Your LinkedIn Groups at your LinkedIn home page

September 8, 2007

Showing LinkedIn Groups’ activity into your public profile is with no doubts something really useful as a way of marketing yourself. But doing marketing of yourself must be followed by some tool that let you manage, work and monitor the stuff you are trying to promote.

Accessing LinkedIn Groups you are member of into your home page (not your public profile) would make your home quite more useful and dynamic than now. For example, we can think about adding it:

· Specific group’s information, like details, questions, member list, etc. for each group

  • · Last questions asked in each or all groups.
  • · Links to questions you asked or answered to get direct access to them.
  • · List of group members who are more involved with it.

Accessing your LinkedIn groups from your LinkedIn home, getting some information about them and sharing some of your LinkedIn groups’ activity at your public profile should add great value not only to you but also to LinkedIn. You are adding value because you are promoting yourself better, and also having direct access to what you are interested about. LinkedIn is also adding value because offering a better access to your groups let you interact, participate and promote yourself better, and that cause more traffic, more information and more value to LinkedIn website.


This is post #5 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.

MMLGF 4: Showing your LinkedIn Groups activity at your public profile

August 27, 2007

LinkedIn public profile let users to show who they are, what they do and what are their interests and history. LinkedIn Groups are groups to collect and contact people with similar interests. So, if LinkedIn groups new version coming up in late September or my idea of LinkedIn groups I’m posting on this MMLGF series include some functionality like a Question and Answer section, why not to include each user activity into their public profile?


That way asking and answering into LinkedIn groups will not only help you and others in specifics topics you are talking about but also will let you promote the activity you have on each and every LinkedIn groups you are subscribed to. So, what are the benefits? Well, I think if you choose to publish that information into your public profile is because you have something positive about you and what you are doing to show there so anyone looking for you can see it.


I mean, the current version of LinkedIn groups just let you put you have some interests on something, but if you do something interesting into those LinkedIn groups you are subscribed to, why not to show you are doing something there? I guess doing that (including LinkedIn groups’ activity) will let you show more information about what LinkedIn public profile is about: show who you are, what are your interests and most important: what do you do.


I don’t know if this idea is good but with this, LinkedIn groups’ participation will help everyone into promote their own activity and, consequently, add quite more value to your LinkedIn public profile.

This is post #4 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.