Writing a blog post with Windows Live Writer Beta

August 28, 2007

Today I was looking for some information about a Microsoft Product I need for my work and I find something I didn’t know: Windows Live Writer Beta.

I’ve just tested it and everything works ok. It looks really nice and it’s very comfortable because it provides to bloggers the chance to manage (write, edit and delete) blog posts into a win application.

Live Writer Screenshot 1I still don’t find the way to test grammar check and things that Microsoft Office offers. Maybe it’s not available on this Windows Live product but in that case, users can add an add-on with that functionality. Anyway , it uses Blogspot, WordPress and Typepad API to get all the information on our blogs so we can feel just like if we were in the web interface.

The best issues:

  • Web Preview option gives us an immediate preview of the post into the website.
  • User Interface
  • Manage multiple blogs
  • HTML Editor

Live Writer Screenshot 2I think in this web world we are living now, this is a really interesting application that give us all the flexibility and facilities to blog on our own desktop. They also provide an API so developers can extend it (just like Facebook but in Windows Apps) and plugins (add-ons like Firefox) so each user can use Live Writer application just the way and with the things each want.

Here is the Download link and some product information here and here.

Hope you find this as interesting, useful and amazing as I did.

By the way, this post have been written with Windows Live Writer 😉