Facebook is extending APIs to compete with Linkedin

Some months ago Facebook publish APIs to become a great (or very great) and amazing social network where people not just only communicate their selves using Facebook functionality but also to extend it and use it the way they want.

On the weekend I saw one post at insidefacebook (here) talking about new APIs to stay on top and to start competing with the still “uncertain” linkedin API and also with the biggest Facebook Application: Slide.

The two new API methods are:

    * friends.getLists
    * friends.getListsMembers

    Those two methods let developers build Facebook Applications that get access and clasify people in many ways…

    Based on these method names, “Friend Lists” could be buddy lists that you might use to organize your friends. For example, “Work Friends” or, say… “Top Friends”.

    Why these methods are Linkedin related? Well, Justin Smith at his post at insidefacebook.com mentioned:

    This will be a welcome change for everyone whose LinkedIn networks have migrated to Facebook. Consequently, this could mean accelerated LinkedIn attrition: per-Friend-List privacy settings could substantially decrease the need of many to actively maintain their LinkedIn accounts as well.

    As a conclusion, Facebook is working really hard, not only in making its API more and more powerful each day, but also to stay on the top of social networks. And they are doing quite well!!!!

    Maybe, before Linkedin API is ready, we have some more Facebook API’s methods to have Linkedin functionality completely inside their website.


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