MMLGF 3: Exporting information and generating alerts from LinkedIn Groups

Making websites with APIs and Feeds has its sense. When providing an API anyone could build great services over the website existing platform achieving benefits for themselves (offering new services for users on the existing website) and the existing website (promoting it). By providing Feeds, not only website’s information and data could be exported automatically by software components but also, and more important, could be read and used offline or at least, being disconnected from the source website.

Feeds give websites the chance to export information and consume external services automatically. Feeds consumers (web applications like or and especially Feed Readers like Google Reader, or desktop feed readers like BlogBridge) let users a way to consume different website and applications information without going into websites but also, in some cases, exporting the information to see what they want or need.

As I mentioned in a previous post applied to Question and Answer section, filtering and combination of feeds is also very useful when thinking about LinkedIn Groups (or this “LinkedIn Groups” idea I have in my mind). But, wouldn’t be better for users to have Feed Exportation of specific user’s queries they need or want inside Linkedin, instead of going offsite with feeds URL and make that “filter and combine” onto other website?

Using Feeds from users’ queries and adding advanced search functionality to LinkedIn Groups would let find and export information like:

  • Questions from a whole Group
  • A particular thread (A Question and its answers)
  • A Threads list where some users had asked or answer (yourself, one of your connections or someone you just want to know what he is talking about).
  • Queries results I talked about on MMLGF #2 to get questions or threads:
    • Matching specific keyword search.
    • Asked/answered by your connections.
    • Popular threads.
    • Asked/answered today.
    • Asked/answered by some people you are interested in.
    • Tagged by you before.

But, feeds are not everything… we can think about receiving alerts into email inbox, LinkedIn inbox or even directly to our mobile phone. That way, we can be offline but completely online all the time reading feeds into our feed readers from specific queries we want and receiving some alerts into many different ways…

Definitely, with all this, LinkedIn Groups will be great!!!

This is post #3 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.


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