Linkedin Groups will have soon a new version!!!

while I was reading Linkedin Q&A section just some minutes ago, I found something interesting to say about Linkedin Groups …

I found on this question “What’s the prognosis for LinkedIn for Groups?” an answer from the Corporate Development Manager at LinkedIn, Steven Stegman, saying :

“It’s coming back in September–the new version should be pretty cool. “

So… maybe all my posts seris about Linkedin groups are completely useless  😀  Anyway, I guess it will be useful, maybe not for this version of linkedin groups but for the next one, or for another business social network 🙂

We don’t know any features yet, but I hope to hear some news soon.


3 Responses to Linkedin Groups will have soon a new version!!!

  1. […] history. LinkedIn Groups are groups to collect and contact people with similar interests. So, if LinkedIn groups new version coming up in late September or my idea of LinkedIn groups I’m posting on this MMLGF series include some functionality like a […]

  2. […] say but I’m a little dissapointed about all new features… I mean, sometime ago I wrote a post about a new Linkedin Groups version and I was expecting a really new and quite evolved new version of Linkedin Groups but to be a […]

  3. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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