MMLGF 1: Features that LinkedIn Groups must have

To start this series of blog post about “Making the Most of LinkedIn Groups Functionality” or just MMLGF I choose an easy topic to talk about: desired (or needed) features.

Nowadays LinkedIn Groups just have a name that is written into each and every member’s profile so anyone looking at your public profile can see you have “something” in common with the LinkedIn Group’s intentions you are member of.

What if LinkedIn changes that and give us, users, the chance not only to show we have that relation with the LinkedIn groups we are members of, but also to participate, collaborate and promote ourselves there? And also, what if we think about in adding value to ourselves when participate / collaborate / promote / whatever in those group? That way the more you are on them the more you get from there.

Going back to the features, I think it would be great if LinkedIn Groups offers us:

  • An easy URL to access the group (for example: )
  • A group home web page or small website with some important information for group members and non-members.
  • A forum like the Linkedin Q&A section or even better: a Forum where people can talk, ask, answer and communicate in a free way.
  • The chance to upload/download some files (documents, pictures or whatever) about the group or any specific topic.
  • See and Search members
  • Exporting groups information (like feeds in nowadays Q&A LinkedIn section) so users can read that information from their RSS readers, mobile phones or the way they want to.

With these features and many others you can imagine, comment or think about I guess LinkedIn will get lot of activity back to its website while now goes to Yahoo, Google or Facebook groups.

On the next MMLGF post I will talk about “What we need to get and find on LinkedIn groups”. Hope you go on reading me and please just leave any comment you want so I know what you are expecting from this MMLGF series.

This is post #1 of the (M)aking the (M)ost of (L)inkedIn (G)roups (F)unctionality (MMLGF) Series.


3 Responses to MMLGF 1: Features that LinkedIn Groups must have

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  2. CrayonWeb says:

    Nice blog, and very informative! keep posting so that we could all benefit from it!

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