Great Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover at Linkedintelligence

Some days ago Scott Allen wrote a post in his blog (Linkedintellingence) announcing he will start a Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover and telling everybody interested to sign up. Well, due just to luck I was the first to sign up and today I saw he started yesterday doing those Profile Makeover

Big (or more than that) was my surprise when I see my name in the post title: “Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover – Fernando Arámburu”.

I take a deep look at what was happening and I saw he did a great (really great) look at my profile and as a result he wrote some issues about how I can improve it. Really amazing!!!  I mean, usually if you want to improve your profile or resume, you have to pay for that, and I get that just for free. But that wasn’t all because first, I get also some other comment adding more value to this profile makeover and second he will be doing more linkedin profiles makeover so everyone will learn not only about mistakes or “bad” things others do but also, and quite more important, about how to fix them.

I don’t know how busy he is but if you are still on time just sign up to Scott Allen’s Extreme Linkedin Profile Makeover by putting some details about yourself like name, surname and linkedin profile url into his original post about this Profile Makeover. If you are not still convinced, just take a look at what he did with my profile and after that I guess you will be wanting to sign up.


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