LinkedIn Groups: hosted in Yahoo, Google or Facebook and not at LinkedIn

I just want to say that just one of those groups I recommended in my last posts is registered as a group of LinkedIn. Why? Maybe because you have to pay for having a group at LinkedIn so, when there a lot of websites like yahoo, Google, and even on Facebook (the “competitor”?) that let you host groups in a free way, why someone will pay to LinkedIn?


Furthermore, LinkedIn groups are too restrictive and the only functionality they have is to access members as if we make a search looking for “Specific group members only”. I mean, you are not connected in any way with the other members or the group; you just have access to know who they are, but nothing else.


When you open a group at Yahoo, Google or Facebook for example, you not only get access to build a community, find people and contact them (being like LinkedIn direct connections) but also you get the most important issue: posts, questions and answers, file upload and pictures for example.


I’m just trying to understand what LinkedIn groups are or mean and which advantages we have when being part of a group where you do not have any new functionality.


I will take a free weekend but when I come back I will start writing a small series of post talking about how we can improve groups’ functionality at LinkedIn or others business social networks, and how other social networks use and benefit by using groups.


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