Answers from Linkedin Question: LinkedIn API Promotion…

After a week, I decided to close the LinkedIn question about LinkedIn’s API promotion. I received just two answers (very poor number) but I get a very interesting one from David Nason about one interesting comment I missed when I read the same post The LinkedIn API Opportunity at the Official LinkedIn Blog by Lucian Beebe, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn.

As you can see in the last comment on that post, LinkedIn’s Director of Product Management mentioned:

 “Jason and anyone else, feel free to contact me to talk about what you want to do with LinkedIn APIs. I’m always glad to hear about what you want to do and its very helpful for us to steer the APIs to what you need. Lbeebe at linkedin dot com. Lucian”

After that answer, yesterday I sent an email to Lucian Beebe to start talking about the LinkedIn’s API. He doesn’t answer yet but I guess I will get some news in the next days.

So, as soon as I have some news about this, I will post it for sure.


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