LinkedIn groups

Today I was reading a lot of unread mails I have from different groups I’m subscribed in and I just realized that those groups are not so well know for everybody so, as they are really useful for me, I’d like to promote them…

All 3 groups are hosted as Yahoo Groups and are LinkedIn related in the way that some people talk about LinkedIn while in others people from LinkedIn built a group to talk about other topics.

Groups are:

  • LinkedIn Bloggers: Here you can get a lot of information about how to blog, how to promote your blog and a lot of other things like tools to help you blogging and help people read your blog. Very very useful. Maybe you received 20 mails a day but with just reading some of them you will get a lot of useful information for free (
  • LinkedIn Innovators: Here you can get a lot of ideas about how LinkedIn or business social networks can be improved. There are approximately 10 mails a day but you can get a lot very interesting things on how to use LinkedIn, and what applications would improve LinkedIn a lot (
  • LinkedIn Venture Capitals: This group is for venture capitals, angel investors and any people looking and thinking about building a great idea for these running times. I read interesting information about business plans, about ventures, etc. There is not so much activity like in the other groups but is something you can see… (

Hope these groups help you…


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