Promoting LinkedIn API for developers

As a developer and also as a LinkedIn user looking for new business and opportunities for my company, I want to talk about LinkedIn’s API.

More than a month ago, LinkedIn said that they will open its API to compete to facebook. These past days I’ve been looking over the internet about information on LinkedIn future API. What did I find? Nothing except lot of blogs telling me that LinkedIn will open its API someday. I mean, those blogs are useful because they keep me updated but I was looking for something else…

I’m wondering … what about preparing developers to the next version of LinkedIn (where the API is open to anyone, where there are a lot of entrepreneurs thinking about apps or anything for the website)? I think this a great way to start talking about the future of LinkedIn, and start thinking in how many (great) things could be done for this amazing group of users (12+ millions) before it would be too late and some other business social network has beat LinkedIn.

I guess LinkedIn should open a website to promote its API, containing API information for developers like test, samples, or just ideas and thoughts of what LinkedIn API will be in a couple of months.  


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