being active with your connections (About “Get Real with Linkedin”)

Today I found a blog I didn’t know by using Tag Surfer WordPress great tool.   In that blog I found a very good idea and a must-do for all of us involved into business Social Networking.  In his post “Get Read with Linkedin” he mention about  contacting all of your connections and invite them to have a little talk by MSN, Skype or whatever IM tool both share.

I did this several times and I did some chats with lot of connected people. This way you can meet other people and make your connection really active. You can talk with them and think together about how both can build a growing relation that produce some business in the future, or whatever you want to talk about.

Great post and great advice, Serrin.


3 Responses to being active with your connections (About “Get Real with Linkedin”)

  1. Serrin says:

    Thanks, Fernando… and also for initiating comments on my blog, which I started just a couple of days ago.

    I’m really glad to discover your blog dedicated to using LInkedIn efficiently. I’ll be recommending it to a couple of friends and colleagues.

  2. Serrin,

    Thanks for your comment and thanks a lot for your future recommendations. If you want to just add my feed to your feed reader ,

  3. Serrin says:

    Adding it to Google Reader was the first things I did. Great content!

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