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In response to the “LinkedIn Apps” in the lisaamorao blog, I think Linkedin Apps will appear when Linkedin API appears, but this is not the problem with Linkedin and its users. The main problem linkedin will have to work with is how long they take to make their API public and usefull for any kind of developer that want to improve linkedin usability.
In the next two or three months I think someone will think about in how to replace Linkedin in a community like Facebook or with the new and “easy to create new social networking sites”
Anyway, I guess it will not be easy to beat Linkedin. I guess that they will do whatever they can to stay on top of the business social networking websites and most of all they will somehow use their large community to do it.

Specifically talking about what kind of application will appear I think there will be a lot of new staff there like:

  • lot of new widgets like all this widgets we can use on facebook
  • CRM integration directly from your linkedin
  • CMS integration directly from your linkedin
  • RSS widgets so anyone can show what kind of information someone reads.
  • Information about pricing, brochures or thinks more important than just a resume.

The question will be when and who will be giving the first step in the new open API linkedin website.


2 Responses to Linkedin apps

  1. lisaamorao says:

    Thanks for the trackback!

    Word is that the LinkedIn API will come out in about nine months.

    I agree with you on RSS widgets. I’d also like to see social bookmarking widgets for knowledge sharing as well as calendaring to invite people to events.

    Messaging applications are also critical. Right now LinkedIn is limiting in that area, which I understand. They don’t want people being contacted or spammed with e-mail. I don’t like people I don’t necessarily know sending me messages directly on my e-mail but wouldn’t mind it if I got it on LinkedIn or my Facebook inbox.

    LinkedIn has this as well but it is a very limiting messaging system (limited number for free subscribers, additional ones available for paid subscribers).

    Hopefully LinkedIn apps will change that.

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